Management Topic – The Future of AI Artificial Intelligent Decision Making Software Discussed

The future of artificial intelligent decision making programs is significant. You won’t need to pay millions of dollars to a CEO, no sir, you’ll have a computer system on the desk but no suit behind it. Just a computer hardware technician making sure everything is plugged in and working. A human being paid 10s of millions per year is simply unnecessary cost. And if we do not need CEOs then why do we need a President?

Indeed, at least one conspiracy theorist has forth a theory that one was used to get President Obama elected, by putting in the news headlines twice per day, then having a speech writer put it into laymen’s terms what the people are already thinking due to the fact they have surrendered much of their human decision making based on the media that now owns their minds. Even if such a concept is far-fetched today, it sure as hell will be possible during subsequent future elections.

Of course, all these types of decisions can be done now by AI, (business intelligence software) then edited and tweaked by a human. Eventually software will do it all. Face it not only is executive pay under severe backlash and scrutiny, the position itself may be the next to get the axe, and you’ll see them laid off like the rest. How soon will all this occur?

Well, as soon as Artificial Intelligent computers with high tech software start out performing their human counterparts and that is starting to happen right now, as we speak. So, please consider all this.

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